Nov 06

I really should appreciate my blog more. 😰

Plenty to update, and quite a bit of revamping to do.

Where do I begin?

Sep 04

Hmm… I wonder if I should update my blog…


Feb 19

Missing the pickle. :3

Feb 18

Woo hoooo!!! Finally updated my wordpress and I am now able to blog from my phone!! Awesssomeeee!!!!

Oct 28

empty promises

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i’m so fed up of people who say they care but do nothing to help when they say they will. and what do i get in return? more problems to solve than what i got stuck with in the first place.

up yours!

Aug 29


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What’s the point in being so nice all the time? I just keep getting taken for granted and disappointed.

It makes me boil every time anyone says something but doesn’t mean it. Maybe i shouldn’t care so much as well so it wouldn’t bother me so much!

bleh bleh blehhhh.

i’ve had it up to right about here!

I tell you!…No more Missus Nice Person!!

Aug 11

just decided to update my header image for the sake of it. Meet one of my two kitties… Treble! isn’t she just the purdiest :P

Aug 03

i know it’s been damn long since i’ve really given this site an update. i know i should do something about it… :\

i just need to get off my procrastinating ass.

a push… anyone?

Jul 04

. . .

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>B \

it’s not easy.


Jan 24

stupid expectations. stupid other ppl’s expectations of me. stupid excuse for putting the blame on me when other ppl break things that don’t belong to them. bahhhhh.

headache. vomit blood only.

hate hate hate.